Personal Trainers

Chad also works as an exercise psychologist. He provides services to all levels of the fitness industry. He consults with gyms, PT studios, and individual trainers on how to increase client adherence and retention, and improve client results. He uses results from research into exercise adherence as well as his own research titled “why clients terminate from personal training” as a coaching model to help improve services to clients.

Chad helps trainers & studios in three ways.

1) Trainers can use the manual “Growing your business through better relationships” to learn about the core principles of client adherence and increase both the service they give to clients, as well as increase client retention for their business.

Chad also Mentors individual trainers about how to help specific clients and tricky situations.

2) PT studios can have individual workshops developed by Chad for their team.

3) Gymnasiums & multi site PT studios can have strategies and programs developed by Chad to change their studio & gym culture.