Growing Your Business Through Better Relationships

This premium product will enable trainers and studio managers to study the science behind client retention. It will provide managers with a self-study manual for new trainers, to avoid them burning through clients. This product is grounded in research and theory of exercise psychology and sport psychology, plus research looking at why clients terminate from personal training.

Trainers and managers will be taken through activities to rate themselves on how well they do with clients, and ways to implement activities and key principles into a studio’s systemization. This product is made up of over 6 hrs of educational DVD’s talking about the core principles of client adherence. The workbook contains four months or weekly activities that will have you really understand the value of these principles. Also included in this product is a free 1 hr coaching session with Chad. This will help you systemise these teachings and overcome challenges and hurdles.

This educational manual has been proven to increase client adherence through “building better relationships” with your clients.