From novice trainer to established trainer – the path of confusion

During a webinar I did today with a group of trainers a very interesting topic was discussed – what new trainers go through to get to the stage they are competent. The question was, do they really improve their skill during this time, or they just loose that many clients that eventually enough will stay with them, just due to basic mathematical calculations (Train enough clients and eventually some will like what you do).

This makes the task of taking on a new trainer a very dangerous one for a gym. The new trainer could cost them many clients. I once heard about a trainer that lost a client every week, till the manager eventually fired them and the blood letting stopped.

When a trainer starts out – either for the first time or with a new gym, they are not only walking on an uneven surface but often doing so blindly. The uneven surface is normal for any new job. That passes with time. The fact that many trainers start out and operate blindly (not having enough awareness about themselves or their clients) that they end up loosing clients, some so fast that the front door turns into a revolving one.

Self-awareness is something that is not normally spoken about in the fitness industry. Rather it is something that gets beaten into you over time. Experienced world class trainers know about themselves and their clients because they have been around long enough. Novice trainers do not.

If novice trainers had lessons in self-awareness, understanding their own agenda, and professionalism, then during this initial phase maybe the front door would revolve a lot less.


  1. Tsvetelina Ivanova says:

    I feel that becoming a PT has become to easy. I mean no disrespects to the professionals that choose this career path, but anyone who has had a semi successful fitness journey to a healthier weight, seems to feel they can transform other people.
    As a PT you are advising people about their bodies and physical ability. I believe that this should be taken with the same seriousness as doctors advise patients. In my opinion novice trainers should have lessons in all of the above, also they should be tested on their skills rigorously prior to receiving a qualification. There should be a long education path, followed by a mentoring / supervision stage before they are allowed to advise clients.

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