Elite personal trainers

Recently i have started interviewing elite personal trainers who have 100% retention. These tend to be trainer who have been in the game for a while and have learnt from their mistakes. They are also people that clearly have a high level of insight, not only into themselves but also into their clients and human behaviour.

I can honestly say that interviewing these trainers, and these are Australia’s top trainers, has showed me the pinnacle of what a personal trainer can become. It has been eye opening, even for a psychologist.

There is a consistent theme that runs between every trainer, and that is that it’s not really about exercise. All the world class trainers start off straight away with the “extra skills” that set them apart from an ordinary trainer. It is these skills that make them world class. Yet trainers are never taught them or made aware of them.

More to come as the project developes.


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