Elite personal trainers

Recently i have started interviewing elite personal trainers who have 100% retention. These tend to be trainer who have been in the game for a while and have learnt from their mistakes. They are also people that clearly have a high level of insight, not only into themselves but also into their clients and human behaviour. I can honestly say that interviewing these trainers, and these are … [Read more...]

From novice trainer to established trainer – the path of confusion

During a webinar I did today with a group of trainers a very interesting topic was discussed - what new trainers go through to get to the stage they are competent. The question was, do they really improve their skill during this time, or they just loose that many clients that eventually enough will stay with them, just due to basic mathematical calculations (Train enough clients and eventually … [Read more...]

Let the Blog begin

This Blog will be intended for personal trainers to learn from and expand their knowledge and self-awareness. I have written widely on exercise adherence and exercise psychology. But i wish to write topics that trainers actually want to know about, instead of just what i think they want to learn. So if you have any areas of human behaviour or client behaviour that you wish to know more about, … [Read more...]