Best of the Best

Best of the Best
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What makes Australia’s top personal trainers so successful, and why do they have waiting lists of clients?

For personal trainers the biggest challenge is always the same across the board – client retention. Top trainers have mastered the balance between technical, personal, and motivational skills. These trainers have waiting lists of clients.

This interview series between Australia’s top personal trainers and Chad Timmermans (exercise & sport psychologist) allows the best of the best to talk about and share with fellow trainers their own stories, their achievements and their blunders; how they became so good, and how they became role models for the industry.

Best of the Best features interviews with the leading trainers in Australia including: Craig Harper, Lee Campbell, Melony Dos Rememdios, Tony Merrick, Michael Jerosky, Scott Williams, Ian O’Dwyer, & special guest Paul Chek.

This is an invaluable look into why the Best are the Best.

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